Dumbbell Sumo Squat

Learn how to perform dumbbell sumo squats with video and instructions by SHOCK App trainer, Ashley Steele!

How to Dumbbell Sumo Squat

Primary Muscles: Legs,  Glutes

Exercise Families: Squat

Equipment: Dumbbell

Trainer: Ashley Steele


  1. Hold a weight between the legs and position the feet outside of shoulder-width apart. Pull the shoulder blades back and keep the spine and head in good posture. This is the starting position.

  2. Inhale. Looking straight ahead, bend both hips and knees, ensuring that the knees point toward the toes. Continue bending the knees until your upper legs are parallel with the floor, ensuring that your back remains arched and between a 45- to 90-degree angle to your hips.

  3. Exhale. Push through the arches of your feet and extend your knees straight to return to the starting position. Repeat the sumo squats for the specified amount of time or repetitions.

  4. You should feel this working your glutes, hamstrings, and inner and outer thigh muscles.


Alternative Exercises:

Barbell Sumo Squat  Bodyweight Squat + Lunge

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