Ab Ebook- Guide To Your Best Abs

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This 25 page Ab Ebook was built to guide you to achieve YOUR best abs. Get a stronger core, define your muscles, and feel more confident!

It's a 4 week equipment free challenge program with 3-4 workouts per week, plus additional instruction to follow to achieve your best abs. It is beginner friendly and the challenge increases as the weeks go on. You can use this as an adjunct to your current fitness (strength training and cardio) routine, or get started as a beginner. Training instruction available via pictures, PLUS video and text links. Utilize the bonus materials including diet guidance and a recommended cardio routine for max results. Follow my formula to achieve the flat and strong stomach you've always wanted!

*Due to the digital nature of this product all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges, but if you have trouble downloading the program, email me! Ashley@shocktraining.com