Alternating Incline Diagonal Crunch

Alternating Elevated Diagonal Crunch on Bench

How to Incline Diagonal Crunch

You Should Feel This: Abs

Equipment: Bench

Trainer: Ashley Steele


  1. Lie on the floor with the feet elevated on a bench or platform and both legs straight. Support the weight of the head with your hands.

  2. Contract the abs and crunch the torso diagonally, moving the right elbow toward the left foot. The crunch should focus on pulling the rib cage towards the left side of your hips.

  3. Continue the crunch until your upper back is lifted off the ground. Hold the end-range of the diagonal crunch for a brief period, and slowly uncurl (lower) the torso to the ground.

  4. Repeat the diagonal crunch on the opposite side by contracting the abs and crunching the left elbow toward the right foot. Continue alternating sides and repeat the inclined diagonal crunches for the specified amount of time.

  5. You should feel this working the abs and obliques.

Alternative Exercises:

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