Weighted Alternating V-Up

Alternating Med Ball Bent-Leg V-Up on Yoga Mat

How to Alternating V-Up

You Should Feel This: Abs

Equipment: Med Ball

Trainer: Ashley Steele


  1. Lie on your back, with arms extended above your head holding a med ball. Extend your legs.

  2. Keeping your abs tight, lift your shoulders off the floor to curl your trunk up and forward. Simultaneously bring your right leg up, bending it at 90 degrees, so the ball reaches toward your toes.

  3. Lower back down into starting position. Repeat movement, bringing up the left leg to meet with the ball. Continue alternating for the specified amount of repetitions.

  4. You should feel this working your core and hip flexors.

Alternative Exercises:

Alternating V-Up  Opposites Crunch

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