Dumbbell Alternating Step-Up

Dumbbell Alternating Step-Up

How to Dumbbell Alternating Step-Up

Primary Muscles: Legs,  Glutes

Exercise Families: Step-Up

Equipment: Dumbbell

Trainer: Ashley Steele


  1. Stand in front of a bench holding a pair of weights at the sides, shoulders blades pulled back, and spine and head in good posture.

  2. Step onto the bench leading with the left leg, press through the arch of the left foot to propel the body upward on top of the bench, stand tall in good posture with the knees fully extended.

  3. Pause briefly and return to the starting position, lowering back onto the ground with the left foot leading first. Repeat the motion with the opposite leg leading.

  4. Step onto the bench with the right leg, extend both knees fully straight, pause briefly, and return to the starting position leading with the right leg. Continue the pattern and alternate legs for the specified amount of time or repetitions.

  5. Alternating step-ups work the glutes, thighs, and hips. This is a great way to burn a ton of calories and improve coordination. 

Alternative Exercises:

Alternating Step-Up  Squat + Lunge

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