How To: Before and After Pictures For Fitness Progress

How To: Before and After Pictures For Fitness Progress

You are about to embark upon a journey that will change your body and your life, and taking accountability pictures to track your progress is key!

Don't forget, you can take the pictures in The SHOCK App in the progress section--they will kept be private to you, or you can share them with your friends and family to help cheer you on. 

Here are a few tips to help you take some great photographs:

Camera and Location

Take the photos using your smart phone or a fancier camera in a well-lit area in front of a plain wall. 

What should you wear?

A swimsuit or sports bra and shorts will be great. You need to be able to see your figure so you can visibly track changes.

Photo suggestions

  • Stand straight up with hands by your side in the anatomical position.
  • Make sure the picture includes your full body (not just your upper or lower body).
  • Poses: front, back, side.
  • Utilize the self timer on your phone or camera.
  • Wear the same outfit for before and after pics.
  • Don't take a selfie. 
  • Include your face and SMILE (unless you are submitting the pictures for a contest and don't want to).
Before and after pictures for weight loss


It's suggested to take photos every 4 weeks.
Remember that sustainable change takes time, so be patient with yourself. 

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