Billing Terms – SHOCK

All users of the SHOCK TRAINING application for mobile devices (the “App”, hereinafter) by Shock Training, L.L.C., (the “Company”) are subject to the following Billing Policy terms. By using the App you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms that follow.

This App is subscription based and offered to You subject to the separate Terms of Use that You will need to accept before using the App. You must pay in advance for a subscription before the App can be operated by You. Subscriptions can be purchased via the Apple App Store or via a similar application store at the then-current price. Subscriptions may also be purchased via an in-App link inside the App. Your subscription fee will be the same whether you use the App or not.

Various subscription plans may be offered from time to time and the cost of each plan may vary depend on the length of the contract, the platform the App runs on, optional program features, etc. Example subscription lengths that might be offered at the sole discretion of the Company include one month, three months, six months, and one year.

When you subscribe via an application store page or via an in-App link, that purchase is processed by the application store and not by the Company. The Company does not receive Your credit card information or process the purchase. If a problem arises with Your payment, Your first contact should be with the application store, not the Company.

From time to time a free or reduced fee trial period of access to the App may be offered. Eligibility to participate in the trial will be explained when the trial is offered, e.g., if the trial only is available to new subscribers, that will be explained at the time of offer. Such offers may not be used to obtain a reduction in Your subscription fee. If You fail to cancel at the end of the free or reduced fee trail period, Your subscription will automatically renew for a one month period and Your account will be charged the then-current one-month subscription amount.

You must subscribe to the App before it will operate on Your mobile device. This involves creating a user account login and password via the App. As part of this process, You will also be asked to provide an email address by which You can be contacted if needed. That, and any other information You provide, will be handled according to the Privacy Policy in the Terms of Use.

If notice is not received from the App store that You have purchased a subscription to use the App, the App will not operate and instead You will be provided with a link to the application store so that you can purchase a subscription. At the end of a subscription term, if You have not renewed Your subscription the App will cease to operate and You will be provided with a similar link that will offer You an opportunity to renew your subscription.

You may cancel Your subscription at any time. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of Your selected term unless You disable the “Auto Renew” menu item in the App. If You renew your subscription and then wish to cancel the subscription, you will be allowed to do so but no refund or credit will be issued for the unused portion of Your subscription term.

The cost of a new subscription and the cost of a renewal subscription may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of Shock Training, L.L.C..