Drop Squat

Learn how to perform drop squats with video and instructions by SHOCK App trainer, Ashley Steele.

How to Drop Squat

Exercise Families: Cardio

Equipment: Bodyweight

Trainer: Ashley Steele


  1. Stand in good posture with your feet hip-width, arms at your sides. Spring in the air, separate your legs apart as your body moves upward. Prepare for landing as you reach the pinnacle of the jump.

  2. Land softly with the feet outside the shoulders, touch the floor with one hand and quickly recoil. Push through your hips, drive the arches of both feet into the floor, and propel your body back to the starting position.

  3. Give max effort for the specified amount of time to get the most from this exercise. Drop Squats are a great way to burn calories, improve cardiovascular fitness, and muscular endurance.

  4. Drop Squats will help improve your endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and overall fitness.

  5. You should feel this challenging your glutes, hips, and thigh muscles.

Alternative Exercises:

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