Elevated Tricep Dip

Learn how to perform elevated tricep dips perfectly with instructions and video by SHOCK Fitness Trainer, Ashley Steele.

How to Elevated Tricep Dip

Primary Muscles: Upper Body,  Triceps

Exercise Families: Arms

Equipment: Bodyweight,  Bench

Trainer: Ashley Steele


  1. Sit on the edge of a bench with your hands just outside of your hips, fingers forward.

  2. Rest your feet on another bench or step in front of you, keeping your legs straight.

  3. Bend your elbows as far as you can go down preferably around 90 degrees, lowering your hips towards the floor, keeping them parallel to the chair

  4. Hold the down-position for 1 - 2 seconds and press your body up by extending your elbows until they are fully straight. Hold the up-position briefly, and repeat the motion for the specified amount of time or repetitions.

  5. You should feel this working the arms, chest, and shoulders, and tricep muscles.

Alternative Exercises:

Tricep Dip  Tricep Extension

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